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In times like these, businesses are more demanding than ever when it comes to how they spend their money. So, when it comes to marketing, it helps to know if the money they spend is working or not. Which is where NEO can help.

Some of the many things NEO can show a business are the platforms that are sending the most traffic, the pages that are generating the best leads and identities of the visitors to your website.  NEO is GDPR compliant so only identifies and tracks visitors who have agreed to this on the business’s website.

We enable our clients to literally “discover the undiscoverable” – helping them gain a far greater understanding of their existing customers while also building up profiles of prospective customers. We help brands gain a detailed insight into what makes their customers tick – their shopping habits, lifestyle, business preferences and preferred methods of receiving and viewing information.

It means an end to scatter gun marketing and instead, guarantees that every piece of marketing collateral is totally personalised to the audience it is reaching. This, in turn, transforms your conversion rates and, with it, builds revenues and profitability.

NEO can be tried completely free of charge for 30 days. Click here to register free.