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Capture, Convert & Retain more customers with NEO

 Revolutionise your lead-generation and marketing

NEO allows you to


Capture More leads


Understand more about them


Engage them more effectively


Convert more to customers


Increase retention

Data is what you need to do analytics
Information is what you need to do business

NEO gives you both

Insights and analytics

NEO is a data analytics software that works in real time across all types and size of business. It gives you insights that other analytics do not, benefiting both you and your customers.

NEO allows you to capture more leads, visualise and understand who they are, what they do, what they want and what makes them come back, even down to their individual profile.



More effective marketing

Access to deep data insights allows you to spot trends, what’s working what’s not, and make better business decisions. 

Targeted marketing means customers are receiving what they like and the way they like to receive it. Marketing done this way will always produce a better return than marketing to the masses.

NEO allows you to define your lead criteria


Full contact details


Social media profiles


Company size


Visit duration and path


Repeat visits


Industry sector


Geographical location



Data stored in various locations such as: excel spreadsheets, CMS systems, social media etc can be a nightmare to manage. Storing all your data in one central location that can be accessed from anywhere is the first step to great data management.
NEO allows you to centralise all your data into one system. This makes it easier to manage, saving you both time and money.


Deeper Insights.

NEO will give you more critical data than any of our competitors.

For example-“cost per visitor”, “cost per lead” and “cost per conversion”. It gives you deep insights of your data including contact details, and social media profiles where applicable. 

NEO tracks every touchpoint of the customers journey. From the source that brought them to your website, who they are,and the pages they’ve visited. 

Although data analytics is used by many companies looking to gain an advantage over their competitors, it is those who can get deeper insights into their data who can really reap the rewards.

Understand Trends

NEO will give you analytic reports of any metric and how they change over time so you can see otherwise hidden factors that affect your conversion and retention. NEO isn’t a crystal ball, but it’s the closest thing to it.


We make it easy to understand complex data

NEO is so advanced our technology is the secret sauce of many agencies. Yet the data is organised and presented in a way that is simple to understand and act on, even for “non-techies”.

You no longer have to waste time and resources aggregating and cleaning data. No coders or complex SQL queries needed. NEO simply gives you the insights you need to make smarter decisions faster.

“Data is what you need to do analytics.
Information is what you need to do business”
-John Owen

Boost your Conversion

NEO enables you to see and understand every aspect of your visitor’s behaviour down to the individual profile. This includes:

    • Knowing which advertising channel drives the most signups and sales for the least money
    • Measuring how effective your retargeting campaigns are
    • Knowing which pages are driving enquiries
    • Viewing the contact details from form abandonments allowing you to recontact website visitors who would otherwise have been left behind
    • It centralises all your multiple sources of data into one system, saving you time, resource and money


“Data is the new oil.”
— Clive Humby 

mathematician and entrepreneur

Innovate Faster

Knowing what your customers want and why is the key to innovation. Not only will NEO give you the power to innovate your marketing, but you can even use it to predict which product features are most likely to be a success in the future.


Fully GDPR compliant

NEO is so advanced and can track so many behaviours it makes some people nervous that it’s not compliant. We would of course not create solutions that would jeopardise our clients in any way. We are very vigilant in keeping compliant to the constantly changing regulations in the countries we operate.


Business intelligence at its best

It’s not the company with the best product that wins anymore, but the company with the best business intelligence. NEO will give you that deep intelligence to empower you to make the decisions that land more customers and keep them coming back..


NEO enables you to see and understand more about your visitors and customers than any other tool to help you capture more leads and close more business.

NEO is the fuel for your digital campaigns. It’s your business intelligence Swiss army knife and rocket fuel for your sales team. We know that’s making a bold claim, but we know we can back it up with results.

So why not join the revolution and try it out for yourself. With a 30 day free trial there is nothing you can lose.

NEO is so simple to use, and even if you hit a snag we will be by your side, just give us a call. We are here for you.

You are one step away from creating a powerful growth engine with the most advanced business intelligence platform on the market.

Business is complicated and tough already, don’t complicate it further by using outdated platforms which only give you partial information.

NEO gives you the edge to punch above your weight and compete at the highest level so you can free up time and resources to focus on what matters most to you.

“Marketing based purely on gut instincts has come to an end. Businesses that don’t understand and embrace this fact will simply not exist in a few years.”
Timothy Roberts


Holistically understand how every
single touchpoint affects the
customer experience to drive
growth, retention and customer

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