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Capture, Convert, and Keep more Customers with next level business intelligence, that is so simple ANYONE can figure it out.


Revolutionize Your
Lead-Generation and Marketing

NEO allows you to


Capture More leads


Understand more about them


Engage them more effectively


Convert more to customers


Increase retention

Lots of companies can claim that, but they simply cannot measure
up against NEO’s capabilities. So stay with us for a few more
moments to allow us to explain why NEO is revolutionizing our
clients marketing and bottom line results.

Revolutionary End-to-End Customer Journey Analytics

NEO helps you Improve and optimize Every single touchpoint of the Customers Journey, to increase conversion, retention and customer satisfaction.

You will be able to see how your visitors move through your website, or marketing campaigns to make the best decisions. NEO will enable you to understand your prospects and customers from every angle. Like X-Ray vision, Neo goes right to the Heart and Soul of your customer base, where our competitors only go skin deep.

In a nut-shell NEO allows you to capture more leads, visualize and understand who they are, what they do, what they want and what makes them come back, even down to the individual profile. This is gold for any marketing department and it’s rocket fuel for any sales-team.

“Journeys are 30-40% more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn. Organizations that analyze the customer journey win in customer experience and growth.”

McKinsey & Company Research Report

Rocket Fuel for your lead generation and sales department

Stop Losing Leads. NEO makes it possible to capture contact details from visitors to your site that was previously impossible. Not only that, but you will be able to Identify leads in real time and be notified when your dream customers are visiting your site.

Don’t waste your time on weak leads. NEO allows you to define your criteria for what high value leads are to you. You can define your criteria based on:


Full Contact Details


Social media profiles


Company Size


Visit Duration and Path


Repeat Visits


Industry Sector


Geographical location

Know when your perfect clients are visiting your site

If you don’t want instant notification, simply see if they have visited your site in your daily report.

More and Deeper Insights.

NEO will give you more critical data than any of our competitors. For example no other tool gives you the possibility to see: “Cost per visitor”, “Cost per Lead” and “Cost per conversion”. These are just a few of the features that makes NEO superior. See a full list of features here and how they stack up against the competition. [link to features page]

Understand Trends

NEO will give you analytic reports of any metric and how they change over time so you can see otherwise hidden factors that affect your conversion and retention. NEO isn’t a crystal ball, but it’s the closest thing to it.

We make it easy to understand complex data

NEO is so advanced our technology is the secret sauce of many agencies. Yet the data is organized and presented in a way that it is simple to understand and act on, even for “non-techies”. You no longer have to waste time and resources aggregating and cleaning data. No Coders or complex SQL queries needed. NEO simply gives you the insights you need to make smarter decisions faster.

“Data really powers everything that we do.”
– Jff Weiner, CEO, LINKEDIN

Increase Engagement

Dentify what your customers are most interested in. Then wow them by creating experiences that make them come back for more. For example, you will be able to see how engaged users are with your blog content, which article categories are the most popular, and much more.

Increase retention

Attracting new customers can cost up to 5 times as much as keeping an existing one! NEO Identifies holes in your “leaky bucket” and helps you understand what your customers really want so you can keep them for longer. Stop guessing and make better decisions based on precise in-depth data.

Boost your Conversion

To stay ahead of competition today you need to measure every single touch point of a customer’s journey. NEO enables you to see and understand every aspect of your visitor’s behaviour down to the individual profile. For example:

    • Determine which advertising channel drives the most signups and sales for the least money.
    • Measure how effective your retargeting campaign is. And much more

See full list of features and comparison to our competition here

“Data is the new oil.”
— Clive Humby 

mathematician and entrepreneur

Innovate Faster

Knowing what your customers want and why is the key to innovation. Not only will NEO give you the power to innovate your marketing, but you can even use it  to predict which product features are most likely to be a success in the future.

Fully GDPR compliant

NEO is so advanced and can track so many behaviours it makes some people nervous that it’s not compliant. We would of course not create solutions that would jeopardize our clients in any way. We are very vigilant in keeping compliant to the constantly changing regulations in the countries we operate.

The ultimate tool to win in business

Unfortunately, it’s not the company with the best product that wins anymore, but the company with the best business intelligence. NEO will give you that deep intelligence to empower you to make the decisions that land more customers and keep them coming back..

Capture more – Understand More – Engage more – Close more – Keep more

Like a powerful microscope NEO enables you to see and understand more about your visitors and customers than any other tool to help you capture more leads and close more business.

NEO is your super power for your digital campaigns. It’s your business intelligence Swiss army knife and rocket fuel for your sales team. We know that’s making a bold claim, but we know we can back it up with results.

So why not join the revolution and try it out for yourself. With a 30 day free trial there is nothing you can lose.

And remember: NEO is so simple your gran could figure it out. And even if you hit a snag we will be by your side, just give us a call. We are here for you..

You are one step away from creating a powerful growth engine with the most advanced business intelligence platform on the market.

Revolutionize Your Lead Generation and Marketing. Try NEO For Free Now

Business is complicated and tough as it is already. Don’t complicate it further by using outdated platforms which only gives you skin-deep data.

Put NEO in your corner. We give you the edge to punch above your weight and compete at the highest level so you can FREE up time and resources and focus on what matters most to you.

“The end has come for marketing purely based on gut instincts:
Businesses that doesn’t understand and embrace this fact will simply not exist in a few years.”
“Timothy Roberts


Holistically understand how every
single touchpoint affects the
customer experience to drive
growth, retention and customer

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